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Staff Clinician

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Clinical Psychologist, MA #1​1​5​7​1
Children, Adolescents,  & Adults

University of Vermont

Meet Hannah!

Hannah Holbrook, PhD grew up in central Massachusetts. She completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of Vermont, where she was trained in evidence-based practices in community mental health center, psychiatry, primary care, and school settings. Hannah completed her postdoctoral training at New England Survivors of Torture and Trauma in Burlington, VT. Her clinical expertise is working with children, adults, and families experiencing anxiety and OCD, and with those who have experienced trauma. She brings her own values of curiosity, warmth, and social justice to her work. She also provides psychological evaluations for adults arriving to the US as refugees or seeking asylum.


Hannah loves spending time outdoors running, hiking, skiing, and playing soccer. She has successfully used exposure therapy principles to face her own fear of needles to achieve a life goal of donating blood! 

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