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Get Support. Grow Together.

NECOA provides support and therapy groups for Young Adults, Tweens,Teens, Parents, and Neurodiverse individuals. Group therapy is a cost-effective way to get support, learn new skills, and connect with fellow travelers in a warm and vibrant community. All groups are online, held through the HIPAA-compliant Zoom platform.To find out more or sign up, email the group leader.

ACT Mindfully with Peers (PEERS®+ Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

for Teens or Young Adults


These 2 online groups are tailored for adolescents (12-17) or young adults (18-23) with ASD, OCD and/or anxiety who also  struggle with social skills or social engagement more generally. Groups meet once per week for 60 min, and we ask for a 4 week commitment - renewed, if participants and families wish, after each 4 weeks. Groups are based in the PEERS® model, an evidence-based social skills program for young people on the Autism Spectrum, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  New participants can join existing cohorts at the beginning of each 4 week cycle. The Teen group runs at 5:00 EST and the Young Adult group runs at 6:30 every Monday. Cost is $300 for 4 sessions.

Group Leader: Clinton D. Fuller (he | him | his), M.S, BCBA, LABA, is a PEERS certified provider who specializes in evidence-based, contextual behavior therapies for individuals with ASD who also struggle with other challenges like OCD and anxiety.

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 Gender Diversity Group for Tweens

This online group is a welcoming and confidential place for participants from MA or CA aged 14-17 with anxiety and/or OCD who are exploring or who identify outside of the gender binary. Participants will have  an opportunity to connect with others, access support for exposure practice, and learn social-emotional skills that support whole-person wellbeing. Group is inclusive of all gender identities and  presentations and employs Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The group meets once a week on Monday 4-5 PM (EST) / 1-2PM (PST). Cost is $200 for 4 sessions. Participants may renew if they wish, and can join existing cohorts at the beginning of each 4 week cycle.

Group Leader: Mack Sushchyk (they | them | theirs), LICSW, specializes in ERP and ACT and works extensively with young people with anxiety, OCD, and related issues, and those in the  LGBTQIA+ community. 

CBT for Hoarding Support Group

We all have possessions that we are attached to and keep for sentimental reasons, for their use, or value. But what happens when the accumulation of our posesssions interferes with our  daily lives? This online CBT for Hoarding Disorder group, shown to be highly effective, offers a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental space for adults *18+) who save excessively and struggle to discard items. Participants will gain skills in successful decluttering, such as time management, problem-solving, and organization, and will build motivation to maintain those gains. Group is weekly on Wednesdays 10:30am-12pm EST for 16 weeks. Eight sessions will be in the Fall, then group pauses during winter holidays, and resumes for the finaly eight weeks in 2022. Cost is $600 per each 8 sessions.

Group Leader: Eileen Dacey (she | her | hers), LICSW, is an author and recognized expert on the cognitive behavioral treatment of Hoarding Disorder. See her book


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Tween Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Support Group

This online ERP Support Group for Tweens in MA and CA (ages 10-14)  offers emotional support and practical              strategies to build flexibility and competence in addressing anxiety and/or OCD. Group focuses on goal setting and developing bravery-based behaviors to help young people discover their values and grow their exposure practice at home, school, and beyond. This group is ideal for tweens in CBT for OCD/anxiety and/or who wish to connect with like-minded peers with constructive, collaborative support from group facilitators. Group employs Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and meets weekly on Tuesdays 5-6PM (EST) / 2-3PM (PST). Cost is $200 for 4 sessions. 

Group Leader: Erin Miller (she/her/hers), LICSW, is a social worker with extensive experience working with young people/adolescents and adults with OCD and other anxiety-related disorders.

Teen Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Support Group

This online ERP Support Group serves 14-17-year-olds who struggle with OCD, Anxiety, and/or other challenges. 
The group’s goal is to create a space for teens to connect and support one another in struggles and successes, and to     learn strategies to respond to emotions in ways that are aligned with their values. The group’s therapeutic approach is consistent with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). Group meets weekly on Mondays 6-7 PM and runs for 4-week sessions. At the end of the 4 weeks, members decide if they want to join the next 4-week cycle of the group. Cost is $200 for 4 sessions.


Group Leader: Regina Roberg (she | her | hers), M.S. is an Advanced Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student and Staff Clinician with specialized training in evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (ERP, ACT) for OCD, anxiety, and related disorders.

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Young Adult Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Group

This online group is for young adults 18-26 who struggle with OCD and/or anxiety. This group aims to create a safe space for members to learn and practice adaptive skills and to support each other in exposure practice and engagement in valued pursuits. The therapeutic approach employs Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Group meets weekly on Thursday 5-6 pm EST. New members can join the first week of  each month and commit to participate for the full month. At the end of the month, members decide if they want to stay for the following month. Cost is $200 for 4 sessions.


Group Leader: Carlos Rivera (he | him | his), PhD, specializes in evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (ERP, ACT) for OCD, anxiety, and related disorders.

Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE) Program

 The online SPACE group serves parents/caregivers raising children and adolescents with OCD, anxiety, or related issues who are interested in learning evidence-based strategies to support their children and who are willing to learn from and support each other as they go. Parents will learn supportive communication, how to handle difficult emotions, and specific, effective strategies for reducing accommodation so that they may encourage brave behavior in their children. Group is on Mondays at 3pm - 4:30pm and runs for 6 90-minute sessions. Cost is $600 for six sessions; one or two parents may attend.

Group Leader: Lisa W. Coyne, PhD, a recognized SPACE provider, is a licensed clinical psychologist, clinical trainer, and author who has worked with families with anxiety and OCD for over 20 years. See her books here.