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Client Testimonials

Explore our valued clients' bravery and experience with first-hand reviews of their time with NECOA.

"I came to NECOA around the time of the pandemic, in early 2020. When no one else was getting back to my phone calls or simply could not fit me in the schedule as a new patient.  NECOA responded timely.

I’m sure all of the staff are good here, I only had the pleasure to work with Eileen, who was absolutely Great! She provides a true service to this world, no doubt. If asked, I simply could not recommend or even imagine a better therapist. Not just for her skills at her job, but her compassion, intuition and scheduling flexibility showed that she truly cares for her clients.

My life Drastically improved after working with NECOA and Eileen to the point where I am hardly affected by my OCD. I was in real rough shape when I came here, right on the edge of giving up on everything I know. Now, I believe one day OCD will have zero effect on me, thanks to all of the mental tools and counseling I’ve received.

To anyone reading this, I know how scary your problems might seem and how daunting it is to face them. Just please trust if you take the first few steps, and grasp what they teach you, I truly believe that you will see great improvements in your life.

Thank you so so much for helping me in the very darkest of times and believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself."

- Client in their 30s

   seen by Eileen Dacey, LICSW

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