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ACT + ERP for Autistic Clients

w/Sarah Cassidy, PhD, Friday, June 21 & 28 9am-1pm EST, 8 CEs available

  • Starts Jun 21
  • 600 US dollars
  • Online

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Living in a world that routinely fails to accommodate divergent neurotypes is no small feat. Among other challenges, many Autistic people report clinically significant levels of anxiety and OCD. The neurodiversity movement challenges practitioners to set aside outdated assumptions of Autistic experiences, and to instead consider that mental health challenges arise from the experience of being neurodivergent in unaccommodating environments. Moreover, practitioners should strive not only to address struggles, but also to cultivate each client’s strengths and impart skills for thriving. This two-part 8-hour didactic, experiential, and consultative workshop introduces an acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) approach to OCD and anxiety in the context of Autism (Part 1). Part two will illustrate case conceptualization using ACT and ERP to address barriers to values-based living. Clinicians are invited to discuss their own cases; specifically, how they might use ACT and ERP in an collaborative, neuroaffirmative, and effective way to address an individual’s needs. The workshop will cover common barriers that Autistic clients may be experiencing, such as cognitive and/or sensory processing differences, social communication differences, various other unmet needs, and how each might impact how clinicians use ACT + ERP. Intended Audience: Intermediate and advanced clinicians Part 1 -How to tailor ACT & ERP approaches for autistic individuals experiencing OCD and anxiety, Part 2 - Case conceptualization involving cognitive and sensory processing differences, social and communication differences, and preferences in autistic individuals, systemic barriers Learning Objectives -Outline tenets of the neurodiversity movement -Describe an ACT approach to using ERP for OCD + anxiety in the context of Autism -Conceptualize cases for autistic individuals with OCD and anxiety -Adapt ey ACT and ERP exercises targeting acceptance of experiences associated with anxiety and OCD for Autistic individuals -Describe how to develop ACT case conceptualization and ERP formulation for Autistic individuals -Identify common barriers for both clinicians and the Autistic individuals they serve -address environment/individual mismatches for Autistic individuals -Design interventions sensitive to cognitive, sensory, language, communication, and preferential differences Sarah Cassidy, PhD, is an Educational, Child & Adolescent Psychologist and a Peer Reviewed ACT Trainer.

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