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Staff Clinician

She | They

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Adolescents, Young Adults

University of Rhode Island

Boston University

Murron O'Neill, LCSW

Meet Murron!

Murron (mare-in) is a Licensed Certified Social Worker here at the clinic. They originally grew up in central Ohio and completed their undergraduate program in Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island. Prior to their work at NECOA, they worked at both McLean Hospital’s OCDI Jr. and CBTeam. They currently conduct research related to young adult mental health experiences at UMass Medical School and graduated with their MSW from Boston University.

Murron particularly enjoys working with members of the queer and neurodivergent community. They love working with OCD and anxiety because it is truly an honor to be a sidekick to people facing their fears in service of becoming the person they would most like to be. That being said -- a little (or a lot) of humor is always welcome in their sessions. Murron is also regularly joined by their licensed therapy dog, an Australian Shepherd named Pierogi.
In their spare time, Murron enjoys reading terrible romance novels, hiking, going to concerts of all music varieties, and planning their next tattoo.

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